Santa Is Here At Liffey Valley
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Santa's Cove

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The Experience

Santa's Cove has been designed as the ultimate family experience. Lasting over an hour, Adults and Children will work together as a team to conquer the many challenges they will encounter. Lasting memories will be created and will be recounted yearly when the kids can hang their personally made Christmas decorations on your tree at home.

The journey is action packed and fun and there will be lots of hidden surprises on your way. Fidget McPhee and his team of Elves will be on hand to guide you on your mission to help Santa make enough presents for all the good children of the world. The Elves have worked very hard to create what will definitely be Ireland's best Christmas experience. Santa will be very happy to meet you when you get your exclusive family time with him.

Yuletide Valley

Yuletide Valley is at the entrance to Santa's Cove, squeeze between the snowman and the Christmas trees to enter the obstacle course where you will be tested on your quest to visit Santa. Jump from present to moving present in the gift marsh and be careful not to fall into the ball pit as you avoid the swirling and twisting candy canes on your way to rooftop climb where you will then slide into the giggle pit on your journey to ride Santa's Sleigh.

Sleigh Ride

Climb aboard our tailor made customised sleigh for a journey that will take you up up and away. The ride is designed for a family to sit in a row together and will transport your family on a journey exactly like the trip Santa makes as he flies his sleigh every Christmas Eve. Take a photo or relax and enjoy the Christmas music as the sleigh takes off into the air twisting and dodging the chimney pots on the way to your drop off point at the "Stable Rooms"

Reindeer Food Preparation Room

Enter the igloo to witness the wonder of the "Stable Room" , Here is where the McPhee Clann have faithfully made reindeer food for generations. Fidget has personally invited your family as he needs your help to make enough food to feed all the reindeer. Mix together all the ingredients in a bowl and listen carefully to the Elves as they explain the magic properties of the special colourful powders. Each colour will represent a different power and your family can decide which amount of wisdom, speed, flight, knowledge and stamina that your box will contain. Reindeer food can be taken home to be left out on Christmas Eve.

Toy Room

The silicon clay used in the "Toy Room" was invented by Fidget McPhee himself. Learn from the Elves how to mould the clay onto the Christmas decorations making them a perfect addition to your very own Christmas tree. Work together as a family choosing the colours that will make your decoration unique. Store your decoration every year for a reminder of your fun family time at Santa's Cove.

Elves Canteen

A well earned rest is available in the Elves Canteen where Mrs Claus will be on hand to serve hot chocolate to all. You never know there might be some treats available if the Elves haven't eaten them all already. Enjoy your hot drinks here and post any last minute letters to Santa in the post box that will be in the corner. Place your coloured drawing on the wall for Santa to view while he is in the Canteen later on his break. Remember to download the drawing template from our site and bring it in finished already.

Naughty Or Nice Machine ™

Fidget has developed the Naughty Or Nice Machine and the only venue in Ireland where you will see it operating is right here in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre. Children will sit in the chair and the Antler Helmet will be placed above their head. The machine will come into action when the Elf pulls the candy cane lever. The dial on the top of chimney will read whether the child is Naughty Or Nice, this process takes some time as the helmet reads the thoughts of the participant. Nice children will be rewarded with candy and a Naughty or Nice certificate will be printed. The certificate will contain information on the child that can be presented to Santa for inspection during you visit.

Santa Visit

The culmination of your trip to Santa's Cove will be a private family visit to see the big man himself. Children can sit on their own velvet covered stool and chat with Santa, There will be ample time for a photo that is included in your price and all children will receive a nice present to take home. If the children are really good Santa might have a little something extra for them.

Christmas Deer
Christmas Snowman
Christmas Penguin

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